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I have my own Kinky radio show on Secret 102 – tune in to hear my seductive voice, teasing you with your own imagination.

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Greetings & Welcome To My World

A sweet, loving and caring South Indian female supremacist, I am a connoisseur of both pain and pleasure. I will introduce you to a world that you have only before dreamed of.

With long black hair, a face of a cherub and a highly deceptive appearance, I specialise in creating  a connection, capitalising on chemistry and creating a special bond between Dominant and submissive. Even in delivering what most would consider pain, I hold your trust as paramount. I control your person in complete love.

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There are no expectations the first time we meet. What will happen between two people can only be decided after those two people have met. We are not only developing a connection but establishing boundaries as well.

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