‘It was cold, dark and damp in the smoking area of the club. The small courtyard was thick with cigarette smoke and I was kneeling on a wet concrete floor. The wind whipped through the fence and people were shivering. But none of that mattered as I looked up at Her. Goddess Asha looked down at me;

“I told you I was a bitch”

She said as She reached out to take the brandy and lemonade I had bought for Her. She took a sip, nodded and then motioned for Her slave to accompany Her back inside.

I didn’t get to speak to Her again for the entire night but She had impressed Herself onto my thoughts. Even as I was on the bus home at the end of the night until I finally got home an hour later, I was thinking of Her. With just a few words She had my full attention. With just a look I felt Her aura of control and dominance. In the space of a minute She had gone from stranger to the object of my desire.

It wasn’t until a week or so later that I saw Her again. Quite by chance W/we were once again attending the same event; the London Fetish Weekend in Vauxhall. I was still a newbie on the scene, not even a month into the lifestyle proper. I was lost in a sea of faces, a labyrinth of lust and longing. Then I saw Her, cutting a path through the crowded floor. She saw me too. She beckoned me over and from that moment I was in Her service for the rest of the night. And little did I know, for much longer still.

I have known Goddess Asha for almost a year and have served Her many times as W/we have become closer. I have been with Her as a submissive and as a friend, at Her feet and under Her flogger, I feel I am well equipped to introduce you to Her in a way that does Her justice.

Having said this, I was unsure as how best to approach describing such a Goddess. Long lists seemed too dreary so I decided to pick words that occur to me when I think of Her.

Caring – Goddess Asha is, first and foremost, a caring Lady whose genuine concern for Her submissives is obvious to all
Passionate – Goddess Asha has huge amounts of enthusiasm for what She does and She gives 100% of Herself when in (and out) of the scene
Powerful – Goddess Asha is strong and Her dominance will be evident when She is standing over you
Human – Don’t misunderstand me when I say this; Goddess Asha is a Priceless Gift For us here on this Plain Earth, She listens, She hears and She engages with you on a human level.
Expertise – Goddess Madame Asha has these in spades; She knows exactly what to do and how to do it, and when. Her experience and mastery of FemDom is without question or equal.’

Goddess certainly did enjoy making me suffer a lot of pain and she really did enjoy my suffering and inflicting pain on me. My nipples were tortured with many different nipple clamps and heavy weights and she really did enjoy hanging those heavy weights on the clamps. She laughed at my pain and anguish.
I enjoyed water sports, which Goddess did in my mouth and over my face a number of times, once leaving me lying in it on my plastic cape for a while, even face down. My cock and balls were tortured with clamps and pegs, then hot wax and finally with a lighted cigarette, and that was unbelievably painful.
Goddess slapped my face and gave me some very painful CP. Using a leather paddle, a whip and three different canes. She certainly knows how to use the cane, causing me a lot of pain. I was left with a well marked backside.
I was offered a shower and a drink afterwards and Goddess did not watch the clock.

Rating & Feedback    

Positive - Absolutely amazing hour session. Certainly worth every penny.

About the Venue    Score: 10/10

Meet at Mistresses house. Easy to find in Highbury and Islington in a very discreet location. House was clean and comfortable, and a very nice place to hold a session.

About GoddessAsha

Physical    Score: 10/10
Goddess Asha oozes sexual charm, with a wonderful full bosom and great body. Her pictures do the real thing no justice what so ever.

Personality    Score: 10/10
Goddess Asha's personality is first rate, while she is obviously and dominating character in the bedroom she also cares very much for the well-being of her clients. Cushions were available to prevent discomfort. She is also incredibly easy to talk to. After the session we spent a good half an hour extra just shooting the breeze.

Services    Score: 10/10
Services used were: Collaring and restraint, body, ass and foot worship, some cross dressing in panties, strap on and mild anal play and finally watersports. All services were first rate if anything was uncomfortable Goddess Asha rectified the situation to reduce any discomfort.

About the Meeting    Score: 10/10

I met Goddess Asha in her discrete house in Highbury and Islington. She gave very concise directions and I was easily able to find her. I was greeted with a soft drink and friendly atmosphere where we then settled limits for me and how much I had done in the past. While I would consider myself more of a novice these days Goddess Asha has the mindset to be able to satisfy even the most hardcore slaves. We began with me striping naked and being collared and having wrist and ankle restraints placed as well as my cock. Goddess Asha demanded that my tribute be placed between her breasts using only my teeth and I was more than happy to oblige. I wont go into too much detail of the rest of the meet but the time spent with her was sublime down to the very last second. You will be seeing me again soon.

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