What you need to know

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What to expect when you contact Me

Your politeness and the way you speak to Me are critical. Even if you’re nervous, I will make every effort to calm you. If I hear your breathing change or you start stuttering, for example, I will talk you through it. I will calm you down - take a moment, gather your thoughts, and start again. What exactly are you contacting Me for? What is the reason? How do you think you can serve Me? What are you trying to explore?  Those are the things I want to know about you.

If you tell me you only want to make Me happy, why do you think that would be your only goal? You cannot serve only Me. You must be specific about your desires. If you tell Me I can do anything I want to you, well, can I castrate you? Can I stick needles through your toes? Then stick you in ice cold water? Can I take you on a collar and lead you naked in public with your face showing and have the world snapping photos and videoing? I cannot do exactly anything I want to do with you. So when you’re approaching Me be definitive about what you want in a polite manner. If you’re not sure, about the terms of something, just ask.  Conversation is the key.

Tributes are things that we talk about last. First things first, is whether you want to role play, whether you want to be fucked, strap on, whatever that type of session is. Now, from a novice’s point of view, the sessions can vary from very mild, where there is no punishment at all to the extreme, one of My favourites. A lot of people have a very misconstrued idea and think that domination is all about pain and it’s not. Those are the things for Me, I need you to know.

Our Sessions

There are no expectations the first time we meet. What will happen between two people can only be decided after those two people have met. It is impossible to tell by a phone or an internet conversation how these sessions are going to play out in person. We are not only developing a connection but establishing boundaries as well. Exploring what likes are, what limits are, and what hard limits are; exploring where we can push someone’s limits and building the trust to push those limits in the first place.

I am very particular and will Not proceed if I feel No connection. I have had people book sessions paying very good money, when they’ve turned up, I’ve apologised as there was no connection upon meeting. They are provided a refund.

Once we have established as connection, the first few sessions is about being trained to serve Me; My likes, not someone else’s that you’ve been around or fantasised about. It’s about establishing a connection. These two people, you and I now, are separate to anything you have fantasised about, or may have experienced in the past. This is going to be a completely different scenario. You may not necessarily get what you want. It is not about either party getting what they want. It is about two people joining and enjoying both pleasures at the same time. Whether it is ball busting on one occasion and slapping you around on another, or both at the same time; we take it from one stage to the next.

Long Distance & Trips Away

If you are away and we are scheduled for a session, not to worry, I can do long distance training. You will tell Me where you are at all times. You will tell Me what you are having at each meal time. You will tell Me what you are wearing down to the colour of your socks and under garments. You will follow every command. If I order you to eat one slice of bread and one slice of bacon, that is what you will have. You will provide me with proof and the time. If you have done something you shouldn’t have, such as have a wank without permission, you’ve gotten horny when I’m not around – essentially betraying Me as your body now belongs to Me, you will have to flog yourself. I will give you orders to punish yourself; whether it is punishment by pain or if I just decide to ignore you. Either way, I decide.

Time with Me

Spend time on this site, look at the pictures, and read about Me – what others say about Me, not what I say about Myself. There is a long list of wonderful tributes from previous subs. 
Book a session online. Bookings must always be made in advance. If it is a same day booking, you must book before mid-day. There will be a deposit requested. My availability is limited. I am not available every day as I am studying humanitarian law and am committed to this time.


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